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Commonly asked questions

Check out these answers to commonly asked questions about Sokolis to get to know more about our team of fuel management consultants and how we get results for you.

How will Sokolis help my company?
We take the burden and hassle of fuel purchasing and fuel management completely off your hands, saving you a lot of time and money. Our expert fuel consultants find and manage fuel vendors for you. We negotiate deals and even write contracts for fuel card programs, bulk fueling and mobile fueling. We monitor and analyze driver transactions. We audit and validate your fuel invoices every month, and then provide you customized, user-friendly reports.
Does Sokolis guarantee that I will save money?
Yes, we do. If we can’t guarantee you fuel savings, we won’t take on your business. That’s why we start every new customer engagement with a free audit of your current fuel buying program. Based on our findings, we’ll determine how we’ll be able to help, and our expert fuel consultants will map a path for you to save as much as possible on your annual fuel spend.
How much money can I expect to save?

On average, our customers save 30 cents per gallon on retail purchases, 20 cents per gallon on mobile fueling, and 5 cents per gallon on bulk fuel purchases. Overall, that adds up to about $1,000 per truck per year. So, for a fleet of 3,000 trucks, we’re talking about an annual savings of $3,000,000 in fuel costs and labor savings.

What kind of reporting will Sokolis provide?

We tailor reports to the needs of our customers, so you can get as much or as little reporting as you want! We can set a frequency or reporting timetable that works best for your fleet. That could be daily reports or monthly executive summaries. The data we provide runs the full spectrum – everything from driver transactions and price reconciliation to vehicle and mileage reports. We provide the actionable data you need streamline your operations.

How can I get started?

We make that pretty easy – either click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page or call us at 267-482-6155. We’ll schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to evaluate your fleet operations, how you buy fuel, etc. Then we’ll show you what we can do. If you like what you see as much as we think you will, the next step will be a more in-depth (but still free) audit of your fuel spend so we can make more accurate plan of how much money we can save you.