Maximum fuel savings
for any type of fleet

Sokolis fuel consultants can offer a number of solutions to best fit the fueling needs of your market.

Markets Served

Commercial Trucking Fleet

Commercial trucking fleets are depended upon to deliver someone else’s product. As a critical part of the supply chain, commercial fleets must be a finely tuned logistical machine.

Where the fuel expenses are significant, so is the potential for savings.

Food and Beverage Fleet

Food and beverage fleets typically work as a hub and spoke operation, meaning that they start the day and end the day at the same base location. Despite that, food and beverage fleets can still struggle with high diesel fuel prices and vendor management challenges. Evaluate programs from OTR fueling, mobile fueling, card lock, bulk tanks and more. 

Sokolis can help determine which mode of fleet fueling services produces the greatest amount of savings.

Food and beverage fuel management
Private fleet fuel management

Private Fleet

When transporting your own goods, your brand is directly impacted by on-time delivery and your bottom line is directly affected by distribution costs. Since most private fleets cannot pass on a diesel fuel surcharge when prices go up, they need to be in control of where they make their purchases and what offers their operation the best results.

Service Business Fleets

Service business fleets have their own set of distinct challenges. Because of the unpredictability of routes and businesses, it can be difficult to implement a successful fuel management program. Sokolis can help fleet managers control prices and out of route miles


If ever there was an industry that fuel service providers can take advantage of, this is the one. Sokolis will go to bat for you to negotiate fuel rates and lock you into savings.


We service public companies in water services and telecommunications.

Waste Management

Our staff has worked in reducing expenses from drivers’ wages, idle time, bio fuels, and incentives, controls and consolidated billing.

Propane Management

Take the complexity and hassle out of propane management with Sokolis. Our expert propane consultants will find and manage propane vendors, negotiate lower rates and simplify your propane program. Plus, access detailed propane reports that can help you save thousands in tax credits.

Propane fuel management

Serving the United States and Canada

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Reach out and connect with us to see if we’re a good fit. You can give us a brief overview of what you need. We’ll structure a program for you and show how much you’ll save!

Joseph S. Moran
With Sokolis, Asplundh was able to identify significant cost-savings opportunities and executed a strategy to effectively obtain those savings.
Moreover, the Sokolis team has provided insightful reporting, audited our fuel purchases and offered support that is integral to our fuel program.

Joseph Moran,


Diane (Brown) Quinn

The Sokolis team has been instrumental to Cardinal Health's fuel management program and strategy, and I would encourage other private fleet operators to explore for themselves the savings opportunities associated with using Sokolis.

Diane Quinn,

Cardinal Health

Marcus Burns

Sokolis team of experts work with us to not only ensure our negotiated truck stop, mobile fuel and bulk fuel deals are very competitive, they also make sure our drivers are going to the right locations to maximize fuel savings through timely reporting.


Their reports and forecasting is customized for our company’s operational needs and their staff is solid with insight into all areas for the fuel industry.

Marcus Burns,

Jack Cooper Investments